About Riverwood Park

Openness, greenery and  blue waters !

It’s what you deserve..

Riverwood Park is a township that offers you more than just the comforts of city life. In our quest to provide you with your perfect adobe, we have gone beyond, and this can be seen across the entire 40 acres.

A fine example of luxury and elegance, the township boasts of meticulous attention to detail in every aspect. The layout, planning, the abundance of amenities and the lavishness of the homes, it is all unparalleled

Your home is the space where you find solace, and that is exactly what we wish for you. Riverwood Park has been afforded with the luxuries of modern-day amenities and the serenity of the natural beauty. The only sound that intrudes your privacy is the sound of the gurgling waters of the Mithi  River.

Founded in 1990, The Siddharth group has ventured into diverse arenas, setting unmatched benchmarks for quality and ingenuity in its ambit of operation. Today, through our innovative offerings, we are well-established in the world of lifestyle construction. Our construction includes of resorts, townships, second homes, housing for all income levels, and commercial complexes. We bring inspiration and innovation to society with continual determination for improvement in delivering time bound and cost effective product, services through transparent process in construction giving satisfaction to our valued customer and growth of our ambitious, authentic and passionate team with powerful leadership, creating more leaders. What sets us apart is the fact that we customize all our project structures to meet the unique needs of our clients.
Today, our portfolio showcases innumerable individual and corporate clients. We also have a strong institutional base, powered by banks and large establishments It’s not houses or homes we seek to build… Its legacies!

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